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    Alberta Fishing Regulations document

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Important Information
     ● Message from the Minister
     ● Alberta's Fisheries Management System
     ● How to use this guide
     ● Important Information
     ● Do You Have a Suggestion or Comment?
     ● Clean, Drain, Dry Your Gear
     ● Important Definitions

     ● Recovery of Tagged Fish
     ● Prussian Carp

Put and Take Trout Stocking Program
     ● Stocked Lakes List

Licences and Costs
     ● Online Licensing: Things You Should Know
     ● Alberta Sportfishing Licence Fees
     ● Draws for Special Walleye Licences

Sport Fish Identification
     ● Sport Fish of Alberta
     ● Trout Identification

Further Inquiries

Report A Poacher
     ● 1-800-642-3800 or #3800 (TELUS Mobility)

Regulations and Information
     ● Illegal Stocking of Fish
     ● General Sportfishing Restrictions
     ● Catch Limits
     ● Tributaries and Beaver Ponds
     ● Measuring Fish Length
     ● Never Cull Fish
     ● Tips on Releasing Fish
     ● Fishing with Bait
     ● Collecting Bait Fish
     ● Crayfish
     ● Hooking Mortality
     ● Releasing Prohibited Fish
     ● Use Caution on Ice
     ● Fish Comsumption Advisory
     ● Cleaning and Transporting Fish
     ● Gill Nets
     ● Buying and Selling Fish
     ● Spearfishing / Bowfishing
     ● Sportfishing in Provincial and National Parks
     ● Sportfishing in Cold Lake
     ● Competitive Fishing Events
     ● Be Bearsmart While Angling
     ● Gaffs and Gaff Hooks
     ● Access to Fishing Waters
     ● Access to Crown Agricultural Lease Land

Fish Management Zones
     ● Maps and Watershed Boundaries

Fish Management Zone 1 — Eastern Slopes
     ► ES1 Default Regulations and Map
     ► ES1 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► ES2 Default Regulations and Map
     ► ES2 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► ES3 Default Regulations and Map
     ► ES3 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► ES4 Default Regulations and Map
     ► ES4 Waterbody Specific Regulations

Fish Management Zone 2 — Parkland-Prairie
     ► PP1 Default Regulations and Map
     ► PP1 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► PP2 Default Regulations and Map
     ► PP2 Waterbody Specific Regulations

Fish Management Zone 3 — Northern Boreal
     ► NB1 Default Regulations and Map
     ► NB1 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► NB2 Default Regulations and Map
     ► NB2 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► NB3 Default Regulations and Map
     ► NB3 Waterbody Specific Regulations
     ► NB4 Default Regulations and Map
     ► NB4 Waterbody Specific Regulations