ZONE 2 Parkland Prairie - PP1

The Parkland-Prairie consists approximately of the southeastern quarter of the province, east of Highway 2 from the Montana border to the North Saskatchewan River. Four major rivers that start in the mountains flow through the Parkland-Prairie. Shallow lakes and reservoirs are also found in the Parkland-Prairie.

The Parkland-Prairie two Watershed Units are the Milk and South Saskatchewan rivers, including portions of the Oldman and Bow rivers (PP1), and the Red Deer, Battle and North Saskatchewan rivers (PP2).


The Milk River watershed, and the South Saskatchewan River watershed upstream to Secondary Road 509 on the Oldman River near Coalhurst, including the St. Mary River watershed, and upstream to Highway 24 on the Bow River near Carseland.

● Fishing with Bait, including Bait Fish in PP1 lakes and streams is allowed except at locations listed with Bait Bans under site specific regulations.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife may implement time of day angling restrictions in this watershed unit in response to low stream flows and warmer water temperatures. Please see the Important Information page and My Wild Alberta webpage for more information.  
Mainstem of a river: includes the mainstem channel and any side channel, oxbows, riparian flow channels, and plunge pools below spillways. 


For waterbody specific regulations, click the links below.

PP1 - Lakes, Reservoirs and Ponds
PP1 - Rivers, Creeks and Streams

PP1 Default Sportfishing Regulations
● The names of most PP1 lakes and streams are listed alphabetically in the site specific regulation tables on the following pages.
● Smaller streams may not be listed, but may be included as tributaries to a listed larger stream.
● If a listed waterbody does not have a season listed, it is CLOSED to fishing during that period.
● If a PP1 lake, reservoir, river, stream or species is not listed, follow the default regulations below.
● General regulation stocked trout lakes are listed here


OPEN all year
● Walleye limit 3 over 50 cm
● Northern Pike limit 3 over 63 cm
● Yellow Perch limit 15
● Lake Whitefish limit 10
● Burbot limit 10
● Trout limit 5
● Mountain Whitefish limit 5 over 30 cm
Bait allowed 


OPEN May 8 to Mar. 15
Lake Sturgeon limit 0
● Trout limit 2
● Mountain Whitefish limit 5 over 30 cm
● Walleye and Sauger limit 3
● Walleye over 50 cm
● Northern Pike limit 3 over 63 cm
● Yellow Perch limit 15
● Lake Whitefish limit 10
● Burbot limit 10
● Goldeye limit 10
Bait allowed 

CLOSED Mar. 16 to May 7