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Message from the Minister

I am very thankful to be an Albertan. One of the many things I appreciate about this province is the variety of opportunities to fish with family and friends.

All Albertans have a shared obligation to conserve, enhance and protect fish populations and their habitats. Together with stakeholders, the government has worked very hard to protect the ability of all Albertans to fish safely and sustainably.

The management of fisheries in Alberta is being supported through recent investments into Alberta’s four provincial fish hatcheries, totaling more than $50 million. These investments will expand and modernize operations to raise and stock more fish, and do so in a more efficient and bio-secure way. This includes work in the Water Crossing Programs that will focus on high priority crossings where a number of fish species are in significant population decline.

Fishing is deeply woven into Alberta’s cultural fabric. As an avid angler, and as the Minister of Environment and Parks, I promise to continue working with Albertans to ensure the sustainability of fish populations so that fishing opportunities remain for generations to come.

For many Albertans, the best memories are created by spending time outdoors in pursuit of rewarding activities like fishing. Whether fishing is a life-long passion, something to do on a lazy weekend, or you simply decide to take advantage of one of Alberta’s free family fishing weekends, Alberta’s beautiful lakes and rivers are waiting to help you narrate your next great fishing story.  

Jason Nixon
Minister of Environment and Parks    

Alberta's Fisheries Management System

Alberta follows the Alberta’s Fish Conservation and Management Strategy. Alberta’s goal of the long-term sustainability of fisheries is central to this commitment. The components of Alberta’s Fisheries Management System are Assessment, Status, Management Objectives, Engagement and Regulations.

For more information on Alberta’s Fish Conservation and Management Strategy, please go to Alberta’s Fisheries Management website and click the link.

Important Information

This section provides general information. Regulations are listed in each Watershed Unit in the Management Zones.

Stakeholder Engagement
Thank you for participating in Environment and Parks' 2022-23 fisheries management engagement seminars. We appreciate the passion and commitment of recreational anglers and appreciated the feedback and questions you provided during the engagement this January. Your feedback is reflected in these 2022-23 Sportfishing Regulations. We also use your feedback to identify topics for further engagements.

Please find follow-up information by visiting All public engagements related to sportfishing, including what we heard reports and future opportunities to provide input, can be found here. We look forward to continuing the conversations!

Low Flows and High Water Temperatures
● To conserve fish during drought conditions, Fish and Wildlife will be monitoring water flow and temperatures in the Bow River and other southern Alberta streams.
● In response to low stream flows and warmer water temperatures, time of day angling restrictions in ES1 and southwest PP1 may be implemented during July 1 and August 31.
● Please see My Wild Alberta webpage for more information. 
Sportfishing Regulations App
A web-based application is also available to view the sportfishing regulations from your mobile devices or desktop computer. The application is map-based; you can search for a waterbody, search an area, or use your location. It is designed to provide easy access to the sportfishing regulations and information related to fisheries management in Alberta. See

Know before you go!
Know the sportfishing regulations before you go! Either download the PDF of the Guide, or take a printed copy of the Guide with you, or use the sportfishing regulations App.    

Updates to Competitive Fishing Events (CFE)
● Use the online Application form to apply for your CFE that has >25 participants and takes place at one waterbody.
● Use the online Notification form to voluntarily notify us of your Fishing Event that has <26 participants. l Provide a summary of your CFE or Fishing Event with the online Summary form.
● Online payment for your CFE licence is done through the government online payment system. 
Harvest Opportunities
An outcome of the recent engagement activities are changes to some regulations. Regulation updates are highlighted blue in the regulation tables.

Stocking and Transfers
Our stocked trout program, following COVID guidelines and restrictions, was fully delivered last year and we expect the same for 2022.

Our walleye stocking program was deferred in 2020 due to COVID however it was delivered in 2021. Last spring eggs and milt were collected from live walleye from Lac Ste Anne and 10 southern Alberta waterbodies were stocked with 3.5 million fry and fingerlings.

It is important for anglers to know that it will take these fish 4 to 5 years to grow to be a catchable size.

Fish transfers focus on re-stocking waters that have experienced fish kills or have recovered from drought conditions. Please know measures will be in place that prevent disease transfer.

Please review the site-specific regulations and visit page for updates.  

Sportfishing Guide
The 2022-23 Sportfishing Guide has been updated with regulation changes that were notified and consulted on during the 2022 Stakeholder Engagement.
with regulation updates highlighted blue.
that are closed all year highlighted grey.

Download and Save the Guide
This sportfishing guide can be downloaded from website. Touch the PDF symbol below the cover of the sportfishing regulations to open, then download and save the sportfishing regulations for your favourite watersheds (examples ES1, NB3, PP2) OR download and save the complete document.

For convenience, download the AlbertaRelm App and keep your sportfishing licences and WiN card on your portable device. Please remember that you are required to produce your licence (paper or electronic via the AlbertaRelm App) when requested by an officer. Also, sign up to auto-renew your sportfishing licence. See or AlbertaRelm App for additional details.

Special Harvest Licence Updates
● If successfully drawn, an SHL licence holder is eligible for 2 walleye tags for either Class A (>50 cm) or Class B (43-50 cm).
● Class C walleye licences and tags (2 walleye <43 cm) can be purchased on a first-come first-served basis.  
● These changes allow more anglers to obtain a licence and harvest walleye which increases the sharing of fish.
● See this page for details.

Electronic Tag Pilot for Special Harvest Licences
● Stakeholder feedback indicated paper tags have been problematic
● A electronic tag option will be piloted in 2022-23. There is no change to the draw process. Successful applicants will select paper tags or electronic tags (e-tag) when purchasing their licence.
● When you harvest a walleye, you will immediately declare harvesting the fish with the RELM App. See the AlbertaRelm website for more information. 
Ice Fishing
Must identify all ice fishing shelters that are on the ice for more than 24 hours. Label the outside of the shelter with your WiN number OR name and phone number using 2.5 cm or taller letters.

Must remove all ice fishing shelters before March 15 in PP1 and before March 31 everywhere else.

Angling through ice is not permitted into beaver ponds or flowing waters in ES1 to ES4 management zones except the portion of the Lobstick River lying in 53, 54-9, 10-W5.  

Aquatic Health
The impacts posed by aquatic invasive species, including fish disease, continue to threaten Alberta’s fisheries and can extend beyond reducing recreational fishing opportunities. We all play an important role in keeping Alberta’s fish healthy.

Everyone can help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species, through prevention, by following CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY YOUR GEAR actions, after each watercraft and equipment use, to ensure no water, mud, fish or fish parts are moved from one waterbody to the next. This applies within Alberta as well as beyond our borders.

For more information, call the 24/7 hotline 1-855-336-BOAT (2628). 

Always remember to:
PULL THE PLUG! All watercraft must have the drain plug pulled while in transport within Alberta. It’s the Law!
DON’T LET IT LOOSE Never release water, plants, dead or live fish or any other animals into waterbodies they didn’t originate from.

Do You Have a Suggestion or Comment?

Alberta Environment and Parks conducts public engagement opportunities throughout the year. Open engagements related to fisheries management can be found by visiting

Stay engaged by following our 'My Wild Alberta' Facebook page to learn more about angling, projects our staff are working on and any public engagements.

Have a question or comment? Send your email or letter to our Outreach Services team, who will forward it to the appropriate fisheries personnel.


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