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Camrose Wildlife Management Unit (228)

Commencing at the junction of highway 14 and secondary road 855 near Holden; thence southerly along secondary road 855 to highway 13; thence southeasterly along highway 13 to secondary road 855; thence southerly along secondary road 855 to township road 44‑2; thence westerly along township road 44‑2 past Rosalind to secondary road 609; thence continuing westerly along secondary road 609 to range road 18‑4; thence southerly along range road 18‑4 to the northern boundary of township 42; thence continuing southerly along range road 18‑5 to the right bank of Meeting Creek; thence upstream along the right bank of Meeting Creek to highway 21; thence northerly along highway 21 to secondary road 617; thence easterly along secondary road 617 to secondary road 834; thence northerly along secondary road 834 to highway 14; thence easterly and southeasterly along highway 14 to the point of commencement.