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Rimbey Wildlife Management Unit (224)

Commencing at the junction of highways 2A and 12 near Lacombe; thence westerly along highway 12 to secondary road 766; thence northerly along secondary road 766 to its intersection with highway 53; thence easterly along highway 53 to highway 20A; thence northerly along highway 20A to where it joins highway 20; thence continuing north along highway 20 to the northern boundary of township 46; thence easterly along the northern boundary of township 46 to the southwestern shore of Pigeon Lake; thence southeasterly and easterly along the southwestern and southern shoreline of Pigeon Lake to the point of its closest intersection with 6th Street in the summer village of Ma‑Me‑O Beach; thence southeasterly along this street to highway 13A; thence northeasterly and southeasterly to highway 13; thence easterly along highway 13 to highway 2A; thence southerly along highway 2A until it joins highway 2; thence southerly along highway 2 until it joins highway 2A; thence southerly along highway 2A to the point of commencement.