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Seven Persons Wildlife Management Unit (116)

Commencing at the junction of highways 1 and 3 at Medicine Hat; thence southwesterly and westerly along highway 3 to secondary road 885; thence southerly along highway 885 to highway 61; thence southerly and easterly along highway 61 to secondary road 889; thence northerly along secondary road 889 (locally known as the Black and White Trail) for approximately 12.5 miles to the road locally known as the Ranchville Road, also known as township road 7‑4; thence easterly and northeasterly along the Ranchville Road to a road locally known as Eagle Butte Road at the southeast corner of township 8, range 4, west of the fourth meridian; thence northwesterly and northerly along this road to highway 1; thence northwesterly along highway 1 to the point of commencement.