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     2017 Alberta Hunting Draws document

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Draw Timetable
     ● 2017 Draw Timetable

Important Changes for 2017 Draws

     ● Common Licence Mistakes
     ● Change of Address

Special Licences
     ● Two additional Opportunities

Draw Priority System
     ● Draw Selection Process
     ● Draw Strategy
     ● 2016 Draw Statistics

Draw Application Process
     ● How to Apply on the 2016 Draws

     ● Online Licensing
     ● How to Purchase Your Draw Application Online

Draw Rules
     ● Draws Available for Residents
     ● Draws Available for Non-residents (Canadian)
     ● Rules for Applying on a Draw
     ● Bow Hunter
     ● Partner Licence
     ● Age Requirements
     ● What if I'm a First-time Hunter?
     ● Mobility Impaired Hunters
     ● Undersubscribed Special Licences

Antelope Draws
     ● Antelope Archery Special Licence
     ● Non-trophy Antelope Special Licence
     ● Trophy Antelope Special Licence

Deer Draws
     ● Antlered Mule Deer Special Licence
     ● Antlerless Mule Deer Special Licence
     ● Antlered White-tailed Deer Special Licence
     ● Antlerless White-tailed Deer Special Licence
     ● Camp Wainwright Deer Special Licence
     ● 2017 Camp Wainwright Ungulate Hunt Information
Elk Draws
     ● Antlered Elk Special Licence
     ● Antlerless Elk Special Licence
     ● 2017 CFB Suffield Elk Hunt Information
     ● Either Sex Elk Special Licence
     ● WMU 300 Elk Special Licence
     ● WMU 212 Antlerless Elk Special Licence

Landowner Special Licence

Moose Draws
     ● Antlered Moose Special Licence
     ● Antlerless Moose Special Licence
     ● Calf Moose Special Licence

Mountain Goat Draw
     ● Goat Special Licence

Sheep Draws
     ● Non-trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● Sheep Identification
     ● Non-trophy Sheep Hunting Areas
     ● WMU 410 Trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● WMU 437 Trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● WMU 444/446 Trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● WMU 408 Trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● WMU 438 Trophy Sheep Special Licence
     ● Trophy Sheep Special Licence
       – Non-resident (Canadian)

Merriam's Turkey Draw
     ● Merriam’s Turkey Special Licence

Bison Draw
     ● Bison Special Licence Draw

General Hunting Regulations
     ● Wildlife Certificates and Licences
     ● Definitions
     ● Licences and Combinations for Residents
     ● Licences and Combinations for Non-residents (Canadian)
     ● Outfitting and Guiding Requirements
     ● Non-draw Licence Seasons
     ● Archery-only Non Draw Licence Seasons
     ● General Non-Draw Licence Seasons

Wildlife Management Unit Map

Chronic Wasting Disease

Further Inquiries

Helpful Information
     ● Report a Poacher
     ● Bring Your WiN Card
     ● Notice to Hunters
     ● West Nile Virus
     ● Everything at your Fingertips - Prepare for the NEW Hunting Season
     ● Alberta Youth Hunting Opportunities

Draw Application Worksheets